About Us

Just a little history

It was February 2008 when a couple of local guys, one in his early 20’s, the other not so young met online and began to talk about the lack of community for GLBTQ adults in the Geneva-Saint Charles-Batavia area. They met at the Geneva Caribou over coffee, and decided to try to get some people together to build that sense of community . The first group of 8 or 10, all male as it happened, met at Caribou in March. Quickly the geography of the group grew somewhat larger, but all the better! We out-grew Caribou soon, and we now meet for Coffee at the Panera Bread in St. Charles, our third home. At the same time, the group of those who would step up to organize events and make newcomers feel welcome grew as well.

Please realize this group is just a bunch of friends who get together for coffee, small in-home gatherings and occasional outings. There is no formal organization. There is no rule book or constitution, no treasury, no officers, no dues, no membership card and no secret handshake. We are working on that secret handshake, however, and might opt for a recognizable ball cap instead.

Anytime somebody comes up with an idea for an activity or event, he or she may ask us use our email list to publicize the event, the few people who are almost always around are considered moderators (if you can moderate a group that doesn’t actually exist) and they are willing to help you with planning ideas, etc. We do not share the email list, but will include your appropriate event announcements.

Early on we agreed that anytime two or more “members” showed up to the event, it would be considered a success, and what those who showed up make of an event is what it will be. Carry on!

Our Mission

It’s really pretty simple. We hope that we can provide a sense of community and a way of meeting friends who are part of the LGBTQ+ community in our area.  Our primary activities take place in St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia, Illinois, but geography should not, does not, limit who can join in. We only ask that you be at least 18 years of age, and behave in a civil manner.

What we are NOT about

We are not organized as any kind of formal group.  We don’t have officers, dues or treasury, by-laws or anything that would make us an organization.  We’re just a bunch of friends.

And we are NOT a dating website or group.  There are a million places on the Internet and elsewhere for that kind of thing.  We are not against it, it just isn’t what we do.  We also are not a “singles” group. Couples or single members of a couple (or even a triad, etc.) are always welcome.  Has anyone ever met someone at coffee night or a picnic and started dating?  We don’t keep statistics on such, but probably so.  But it is random and rare.

We often get contacted by parents, loved ones or others concerned about the well-being of an LGBTQ+ family member or friend. We are NOT a “support group,” in that we don’t  have any mental health professional or other trained persons leading our activities.  We don’t have “programs,” or even set a topic for discussion when we gather.  It is good that concerned persons want to help an LGBTQ+ person in their lives, but we are not the resource they are looking for.


This website and our eMail Blasts are written by a single volunteer editor and a couple of volunteer contributing editors.  Since there is no hierarchy to our group of friends, there is no oversight.  If you have a suggestion or a gripe, send it to info@gaykane.org  Don’t expect any particular outcome.  We are open-minded, but firm.


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